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Steps to Take After Losing Your College Diploma

If you’re like most others, you likely lost your college diploma due to an accident, wrong storage decision or simple recklessness. In any case, what matters is that you have options for having it replaced.

Contact the Office of the Registrar at your alma mater.

As you may know, one of the responsibilities of any school registrar is maintaining student records and transcripts. Part of this task is handling requests for diploma replacement. Keep in mind though that this is something on you can do and no one else.

Since 1974, a law known as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) has been protecting the privacy of student records in all schools in America. Not even your spouse and immediate family members will be given access to your academic information. There are practically zero options for this, but there is an exception: if the owner of the requested credentials is deceased and the alumnus’ next of kin or estate executor is the one making the request. If that is the case, each school will have its own requirements, but the essentials will include a copy of the alumnus’ death certificate and a photocopy of the requester’s passport or driver’s license, a Power of Attorney, and a written request.

Prepare to pay a fee.

Again, although each school will have its own requirements, it’s likely that there will be a fee – usually around $25 to $150 – for a diploma replacement request.

Requests should be mailed.

Considering that most schools are FERPA-compliant, you will need to mail your request for diploma replacement as per that law. Again, there are zero other options, and the purpose is to eliminate identity theft and fraud in general. Schools usually have downloadable replacement diploma applications on their websites. It is usually a PDF that is printable from your computer, and you just fill it out manually, get it notarized and finally snail-mail it to the school’s registrar.

When Your Replacement Diploma Takes Too Long

In most cases, getting a replacement diploma will take a while – around five to seen weeks or even longer in some cases. If you need it urgently, as when you’re applying for a job, you may want to consider other options, such as getting a substitute diploma.

Clearly, a substitute or temporary diploma is not an official document, but it can stand in the place of your actual diploma while it’s on its way. There are several websites that offer this among many other options, but do ensure that you research the background of the service that you plan to use. Losing your diploma enough headache. Don’t make it worse by getting scammed.